We're here to help your brand take flight, with creative solutions designed to designed to transform your business

We help companies build great brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers where ever they live in the digital and real world.

Our design and marketing capabilities, combine consumer insight, technology and creativity. The result? Consumer experiences that are as dynamic, elegant and interesting as the people using them. Clients who enjoy new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, industry recognition, and bottom line business growth, and employees who thrive on inventing the future.

With over 20 years experience each, The Flirt Group team have helped our clients lead, innovate and create market opportunities. How? By studying customers, deconstructing data and developing game-changing strategies. We redefine how brands connect with people and understand exactly what makes the online and offline marketing work . So no matter which direction your market heads, your business will be ready for what’s next…

01. ENGAGE...
Attract Customers
From the moment your customers discover your brand you have the opportunity to engage and excite them to the possibilities of your product offering. Create an experience where they will remember you through the clutter of your competitors messaging.
02. persuade...
Get them to act
Our marketing solutions always come back to the return on investment. Persuasive marketing designed to capture data, encourage brand interaction and ultimately make sales for your business no matter the media.
03. retain...
Build Relationships
Whether you're building a website or a marketing brochure, the key to a successful campaign environment is to keep your customers coming back.

Flirt Creative

Growing your brand through strategic thinking, innovative creativity and intelligent technology. Flirt Creative is the strategic hub of the Flirt Group. All idea’s, innovations and creative that will grow your business are born here.

Flirt Online

Flirt Online is an award-winning department of the Flirt Group. Our proven online solutions and services are strategically managed by the Flirt team to consistently grow our clients online businesses on a daily basis.

Flirt Print

From large format banners right down to the most intricate brochure detail, Flirt Print will help your printed message stand out from the crowd.

Flirt Vision

Flirt Vision understands the power of the moving images.  We know how to harness the power of video and animation with a range of delivery methods to help you effectively engage your audience and communicate your message.

Flirt Marketing

Flirt Marketing is in the business of communication, we act as the eyes, ears and voice for our clients.  Influencing attitudes and opinions in the interest of our clients gets results.

Flirt Talk

Flirt Talk is in the business of helping link our customers with the right telecommunications service providers.  From web hosting, DNS services right through to Voice & Data.