Strategic Marketing

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. A focused strategy will ensure success.

Strategic marketing put simply is the considered step-by-step plan for a campaign that uncovers who to speak to, what to say, and how to persuade them to act. The team at Flirt Group have over 13 years each in developing successful and dynamic print, online and integrated marketing strategies for a plethora of brands in industries such as Property, Franchise, Telecommunications, Retail, Online stores, Fashion, Pharmaceutical and Government.

Through advanced consumer research, deep analytics, and unparalleled industry expertise, we uncover unmet needs of consumers and unexplored business opportunities. And we create innovation plans and marketing strategies that allow brands to leapfrog competitors in an increasingly competitive market.

The Bottom line: Intelligent strategy combined with considered production = business growth.

Customer Acquisition
The formulation of a clear and targeted message that describes a precise picture of the services the company offers and the benefits of engaging them. Definition of the key marketing channels that should be used to engage new clients or convert existing leads.

How each medium e.g. web, advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, promotion etc., should be used independently and collectively to achieve maximum return on marketing investment.
Retention Strategy
Develop a program to build, retain and nurture relationships on an ongoing basis to resell and cross sell services. Definition of the key messages to be used to achieve repeat and cross sales from existing clients.

Recommendation of specific marketing initiatives to strengthen and increase profitability of client relationships.
Online Marketing Strategy
Developing an acquisition and retention plan for the interactive medium of the Internet. Internet marketing is the most powerful and cost effective way to market your business and services.
Franchise Marketing
Flirt Group is Australia’s Franchise marketing expert, with over 29 national and international franchise clients under our belt, our knowledge and experience in successfully building and marketing franchise brands is second to none. We offer a complete 360 strategic franchise marketing service.
“Thank you very much for all of you hard work and assistance dealing with my petty requests and project managing the project. Please pass on my thanks to the team. I look forward to continuing to work with you and team to fine tune and complete the Member section.”
Stuart Fuller
Melbourne Racing Club
“I sincerely appreciate all of the fine work done by Flirt and would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and business contacts.”
David Gross
Juice Bar Solutions
"The Conversion Assessment System has taught me how valuable my website is and has shown me how to more than double my sales. The CAS paid for itself in the first month of implementation”
Paula Diane
Marcos Hair
"It looks amazing guys, I’m geting the hang of the CMS, and all the staff cant stop playing the games, we love it, well done"
Julie Hancock
It looks amazing guys, I’m geting the hang of the CMS, and all the staff cant stop playing the games, we love it, well done
Adelle Pearce
City of Maribynong

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