Evernew Caravans

Australian custom caravan builder Evernew, specialises in premium caravans and are driven by the desire to create unforgettable travel experiences and to foster the memories that go with them.

After a change in ownership in 2017 (having been in a single family since 1963), Evernew approach Flirt Group to redesign their outdated brand and allow Evernew to grow with new ownership from the strongest foundation possible.

Flirt began the process of re-aligning the Evernew brand, beginning with a new modern logo that pays homage to the former brand elements and preserving the elements that instantly identify Evernew to their dedicated customer base.

Our inspiration for the brand was to capture Evernew's history but bring a more modern, friendly but retaining the elegant stylisations to pay homage to it's premium, craftsman made product. The brandmark design uses the tones found across Australia with the deep Eucalyptus through to sandy and earthy tones with the R tail a demonstration of the roads travelled.

In addition to the brand work, we’ve also managed a full suite of marketing and communication pieces as well as website design to engage and nurture relationship with their clients.

Project Scope

Brand Design
Brand Strategy
Corporate Stationery
Creative Direction
Digital Printing
Graphic Design
Offset Printing
Online Strategy
Retail Printing
Strategic Marketing
Web Hosting
Website Design & Development
“Thank you very much for all of you hard work and assistance dealing with my petty requests and project managing the project. Please pass on my thanks to the team. I look forward to continuing to work with you and team to fine tune and complete the Member section.”
Stuart Fuller
Melbourne Racing Club
“I sincerely appreciate all of the fine work done by Flirt and would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends and business contacts.”
David Gross
Juice Bar Solutions
"The Conversion Assessment System has taught me how valuable my website is and has shown me how to more than double my sales. The CAS paid for itself in the first month of implementation”
Paula Diane
Marcos Hair
"It looks amazing guys, I’m geting the hang of the CMS, and all the staff cant stop playing the games, we love it, well done"
Julie Hancock
It looks amazing guys, I’m geting the hang of the CMS, and all the staff cant stop playing the games, we love it, well done
Adelle Pearce
City of Maribynong

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